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Preparing For Motherhood And Being Pregnant

They say motherhood is a gift and that it is one of the best things that women experience in their lifetimes and while this may be true, many mothers tend to leave out the gory details of pregnancy because they are afraid of scaring their younger friends who have not yet experienced pregnancy. While motherhood may be very rewarding for most women, pregnancy is not exactly an easy road and sadly, most mothers to be are taken by surprise when they experience all the less than wonderful experiences that pregnancy brings. While they may all be worth it when the baby finally arrives, they are rather difficult to deal with in the moment but preparation and awareness can help to make the road a little easier.

You will be ill all the time

This is something that most women know but they are not always prepared for just how bad it all feels. We all know how nausea feels and we hate it intensely when we experience it once in a while but having to suffer through it for three, six or nine months can be daunting and stressful especially when this is the time in your life where the nutrition in your body matters the most and knowing that you are throwing up everything that you eat can make you feel a lot worse. Be prepared at all times by having emesis bags is an ideal to purchase for a vomit with you whenever you go out because pregnant or not, you do not want to have to experience throwing up all over someone in public transport or in the mall because while people will be sympathetic, you will be feeling embarrassed and awful about yourself.

You can buy travel sick bags for cheap at any pharmacy and even if you never use them, it would be best to have them with you whenever you leave the house because pregnancy is unpredictable.

You will be always hungry

It is no secret that pregnant women have severe cravings and that they will always be hungry but one of the biggest mistakes that pregnant women make is that they give in to all of those cravings causing them to become very fat and obese. There is no reason for you to become extremely fat during pregnancy. In fact, it is important that you have your head on your shoulders and only eat things that are healthy for you and your baby because the fatter you are, the more difficult your labour will be and the more difficult it will be to lose the weight.

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