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Making Clean Drinking Water In A Survival Situation

Everybody loves going on hikes and adventures. I mean who doesn’t like to be adventurous. But the thing is a lot of people who engage in such activities are not capable of surviving in situation where their very survival is in questions as they are never prepared for it. In addition that unlike when you go camping if you are for an example going on a hike and get lost there is only so much you would have been carrying on you. If you had too much of stuff to carry you would not have been able to finish the trial. There is only so much you could prepare for. Someone can survive without food for some time but is impossible to survive without water for more than a day. You need to find some that is consumable if you have any hope of surviving.
Of course in the wild you are not going to find readymade clean water. You will have to find a way to purify it. That is to say you would have to come up with an effective water filtration system. One of the easiest methods is to use something like a bandanna or a piece of cloth over a container and pour the liquid unto it. This will at least clear way any debris that is there. You might have to do it a couple of times to get something that can be consumed. Boiling would be the most effective method but it is very doubtful if you would have something on you to heat the liquid. So it would be advisable to at least carry a small pan with you in case you need to use it and always keep a quick method of making fire and in addition to that learn how to make a fire in the wild.
Moving on if both of the above fail or you lost the stuff you need to boil you need to look to another water filtration system. One such method is the method of using charcoal. You need to light a fire with wood and let it burn out, following that make sure that you cover it with dirt or sand and let it cool down. Once you have this done you will need two containers. If you happen to have a plastic bottle with you could cut it in two and use it as one of the container need to have a hole at the bottom of it. In a worst case scenario you might have to find something like a hollow log or a hollow plant. Following that use a cloth you have in hand to fully cover the base of the container with the hole which goes on top. Then put the coal in and tightly wrap it.
After that you need to put in some dirt or sand to cover it of course if you have a second piece of cloth to cover that as well it would be better. You could put in another plan that is poisonous as well but if you aren’t too sure about plants don’t put anything else. Then pour the water through the filter unto the bottom container and repeat this process until you have clear water. At that point you have something clean and consumable. This is of course only one survival method there could be others that you could use online. This process takes a couple of hours to perform so it would be better to keep a faster plan in handy as well. All in all like the scouts say be prepared. You never know when something might go wrong.

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