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Injuries That Might Happen When Playing Sports

If there is anything that I can say about sports is that there is 75% chance of something happening when playing and that is not winning or losing (that’s 50% each), it is getting injured during the game. It is not a secret. Running and jumping, makes your body stretch those muscles and sometimes tear and wear those muscles as well. If you do not wear proper equipment you might fall and break your bones and provide excellence care. This will mostly happen if you don’t follow the proper technique. Although whatever precaution you take, you will always be prone to injuries so it is for one to be aware of what injuries to look out for.

Contact sports are sports that require contact between the players and it’s pretty obvious that the repetitive impacts might cause multiple injuries to the body. The majority of the injuries that occur are to the head and the knee. Concussion on the head is most common injury when it comes to head injuries in contact sports. My friend who is a rugby player had an injury and had a fatal knee injury. He had to go abroad to check out a knee specialist, Melbourne.

Later he needed to get a surgery done, that too by an orthopaedic surgeon Melbourne. The doctor had advised that if he had been wearing proper safety equipment he wouldn’t have had to have expensive surgery in the first place.

An athlete runner will be prone to running injuries. It may happen during training, using bad shoes, etc. Those who are new to running will need to stretch their muscles out first or they risk the chance of getting their muscles torn. The most common injury to a runner are injuries to the knee or to the ankle. After a good run, athletes need to rest proper.

A sport that requires total body strength and movement is swimming. The repetitive movement of the shoulder cause shoulder injuries to even the most professional swimmers. This a result of swimming with an improper technique, overuse of strokes or sometimes it is a combination of both. Swimmers need to work alongside their coach to come up with a sound technique that will not cause injuries. Shoulder strengthen exercising will help your shoulder become stronger and more prone against injuries.

Some ways to avoid injuries is to make sure you rest after your practices and matches at least one full day. During the off season stay active instead of slacking off, so that you are ready to get back in to the sport once the season starts next year.

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