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Essentials To Buy For Yourself Before Your Newborn Arrives

 The arrival of a new one into your life is a moment beyond words as there are a gamut of emotions struggling to find predominance. You are happy, excited, enthusiastic, delighted, a little nervous and above all eager for the arrival of your little baby. You can make the arrival of the little bundle of joy into your life and home even smoother flowing. It helps to prepare for the baby’s arrival during the pregnancy stage itself. A few essentials are going to be needed for the newborn, irrespective of gender, and for the mother to make the settling in process easy for both. A list of some such essentials is noted here to help expectant mothers prepare beforehand.

Essentials needed for the mother:

Let us first start with what essentials a mother might need when her baby arrives. 

● Feeding essentials If you are planning to breastfeed your new child, which is highly recommended and has numerous benefits too, then you will definitely need a good nursing pillow to prevent backaches and discomfort while nursing the little one. It is helpful to invest in two such feeding pillows, where one can be a little compact to be used while travelling, as it is a boon especially while nursing when out. A happy and well fed baby will also mean a pleasurable outing for you, so even if it might sound inconvenient it is best to carry a feeding pillow when out.

Also, initially during the pregnancy the pillow can act as a side sleeper pillow that helps to ease the stiffness and later be used for nursing the baby. In case you plan to bottle feed the baby, you will require bottles, nipples and steriliser and bottle brushes to feed the baby and to clean and sterilize the equipment. 

● Maternity clothes Another essential for the mother is maternity and nursing clothes. These include a nursing bra which is easy to un-hook while feeding the baby and is made of a comfortable fabric. It also helps to purchase clothes which have buttons in the front or which will be comfortable to nurse the baby in, especially when outdoors. A nursing cape is also a good buy to allow you to nurse the baby uninterrupted when travelling or outdoors.

● Carriers or slings If you plan to wear your baby and move around, which is quite easy and comfortable too, it is best to buy a good baby carrier or sling, as per your choice and comfort. However, it is advisable to check both and try them before going for one that is comfortable for both you and the baby.

● Creams and gels You must even keep nipple cream handy for sore breasts and also soothing pads for your pain. 

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